Friday, April 9, 2010

A couple other things to occupy your time

Want to let you know about a couple of other places where you can find out about the world of publishing and writing as we are seeing it develop. I know you have all kinds of extra time for FaceBook and Twitter, so here is where you can keep up with us.

Our Facebook page has been very active for a couple of montsh now, full of links to articles about publishing found all over the web. Take a look and become a fan.

For even more information you can also follow on twitter.

Finally I'd like to highlight one site that I think everyone who is interested in the world of publishing should be paying attention to. Yes it's a paid site but well worth it (says the guy whose company has a subscription). Publishers Marketplace is the place all the publishing insiders look at for deal news and smart analysis.

At least you'll have something to do this weekend when you aren't writing your book.

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