Friday, May 28, 2010

Where We've Been

In case you were missing us (please tell us you were missing us, we are needy that way), we've been at Book Expo America 2010 in NY city. It is the big industry conference that goes on every year and it attracts just about everyone from the biggest to the smallest in the world of publishing. People are hawking their wares, sharing ideas, catching up with old friends and (this was news to me) getting drunk.

So what did we do, you ask?

We had meetings with literary scouts, agents that we work with and editors that we pitch projects to at Random House and Penguin (I even learned about their igloo).

We also attended a number of great sessions at the show. Including:
Bringing Your Authors to the Social Media Party....And Getting them to Stay

Building Online Reader Communities with an Eye on ROI

When Gutenberg Meets Zuckerberg

"I'll Never Pay Over $9.99 for E-Books!" and Similar Lies (this one was standing room only)

7x20x21 (a personal fave because Jennifer Egan spoke to a large crowd)

Are e-books Good For Authors (also Standing room only and very informative)

What can I say there was a lot to do and learn.

And finally I'll close up with some BEA 2010 thoughts from others.

Literary agent Janet Reid thinks "Small Publishing Will Save the World" while Digital Book World wonders if "BEA 2010 was a Win for Publishing" and Jonathan Galassi of FSG doesn't seem to like the "digital frontier" at all.

That was a busy week!

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