Monday, May 10, 2010

Seth Godin day

Apparently I don't have the clout to just go ahead and give days names but since I'm blogging about him I am just going to go ahead and call this "Seth Godin day." Any objections? Good then I'll continue.

Seth Godin is a modern marketing guru who is highly regarded by a number people in the publishing industry. He's got a lot to say about the future of publishing and his book TRIBES has become one of the seminal works for social media marketing people. I'm not sure I'm always comfortable with what Godin has to say (frankly Godin seems best at selling Godin) but I do think his ideas have to be considered and taken into account as we go further along the path of 21st Century publishing. So I've got a couple of Seth Godin links for you today.

The first is a brief interview where Godin discusses "What Book Publishers are doing Wrong." While the second links you to a video of Godin talking about "Rethinking the Publishing Industry." Finally you should check out Seth's insanely popular blog.

Told you it was Seth Godin day.

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