Friday, December 11, 2009

Gifts for Writers

Margaret Atwood had a terrific post on her blog this week about the best gifts to give budding novelists. There were some really great recommendations for books on writing.

I have thing or two I'd like to add to that list (or change):

Instead of boxes, why not get the new Sony Reader Touch Edition. A writer can use it to store their manuscript and subsequent drafts. Also, an included stylus offers freehand highlighting and annotation. Edit on-the-go!

Notebooks are handy, but another good environmentally friendly option is a digital voice recorder.

If you're a writer in this day and age, you absolutely MUST have a website. Hiring someone to do it for you can get pricey but there is so much affordable software out there that's easy to use, with good looking templates, why not try doing it yourself? I recommend Adobe Dreamweaver.

If you know a writer who likes to write everywhere but their own desk, a WiFi card might be a good little gift.

And last but not least, gift certificates to their favorite coffee house!

Coming soon: What's on the McDermid agency wishlist for 2010?

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